A collection of innovative films co-presented in cooperation with the following Oscar® qualifying film festivals: Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland), Gijon International Film Festival (Spain) and Cartagena International Film Festival, FICCI (Colombia).

Cartagena International Film Festival

Marcelo Brennand

Corral is a political drama that takes place in rural Brazil, in the city of Gravatá, where during the mayoral elections, the population is divided between the Blue and Red parties, which represent political oligarchies fighting for power. Due to a severe drought, water is the main bargaining chip to get votes from the population.

Chico Caixa is a former city employee. He lost his job trying to take water supplies to a poor neighborhood, abandoned for political reasons. Caixa is invited by a childhood partner, Joel, to work on his councilor campaign. Joel presents himself as an alternative to the old candidates, who have been in power for decades. But as the campaign progresses, Chico Caixa soon realizes that breaking apart from the established political game is not always an easy alternative.

Brazil, 2021


1 hour 23 minutes 

Director: Marcelo Brennand

Cast: Thomas Aquino, Rodrigo Garcia, Carla Salle, José Dumont

Producers: Zefiro Filmes

Writer: Marcelo Brennand, Fernando Honesko

Nils Giversen

Five years ago, Denmark was afflicted by terrorism when 22-year-old Omar el-Hussein inspired by the attack on Charlie Hebdo, attacked the community centre Krudttønden and Copenhagen's Great Synagogue and killed two people. The people were shaken and the country changed. What made a human being commit an inhuman act? Could the tragedy have been prevented? Questions that the affected are contemplating. In the film, we meet the people who knew Omar el-Hussein best for the first time, and with new witnesses, confidential documents, police photographs and video surveillance footage, the film describes the harrowing course of events that led to the attack.


Denmark, 2021


1 hour 32 minutes 

Director: Nils Giversen

Producers: Signe Byrge Sørensen

Cinematographer​: Adam Jandrup, Martin Munch, Mathias Døcker Petersen

The Attack1.jpg