For Our Children



A collection of innovative films co-presented in cooperation with the following Oscar® qualifying film festivals: Locarno International Film Festival (Switzerland), Gijon International Film Festival (Spain) and Cartagena International Film Festival, FICCI (Colombia).

Marek Kłosowicz, Dariusz Twaróg

The exodus of refugees in Venezuela, a country that, as a result of dictatorship, has been plunged into a deep humanitarian and economic crisis. In the documentary, Dominika Kulczyk together with Kulczyk Foundation learns the stories of Venezuelans crossing the Simón Bolívar bridge, which is located on the border between Venezuela and Colombia.

Poland, 2020

English, Spanish

43 minutes 

Director: Marek Kłosowicz, Dariusz Twaróg

Cast: Dominika Kulczyk

Producers: Marek Kłosowicz

Writer: Marek Kłosowicz

Documentary film follows three candidates running for Georgia State House and Senate seats in the 2018 Election. Phyllis Hatcher is a Black female pastor that is now trying her hand at politics. James Morrow Jr - a teacher and coach is a Black man running as a Republican in an overwhelmingly Democratic district. Dan Berschinski is veteran of the Afghanistan War who suffered the loss of both of his legs In an IED blast. Through canvassing, fundraising and constant grassroots campaigning, these three endure the brutal and sometimes lonesome experiences of the political process. Can they convince their districts and their voters to give them a shot? Only election night will tell!


Dark Horse

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