JULY 25, 1:30 PM

Betsy & Irv


Using extensive archival video and photography, Betsy & Irv opens in the fall of 1978, as the Penn State football team seeks its first-ever number one national ranking. Senior Betsy Sailor is sexually assaulted the week after school begins by a member of the football team. As the undefeated season rolls on, so does Betsy’s resolve and quest for justice. In a tense courtroom moment, she recounts intimate details of her assault with her rapist and many of his teammates in attendance. Irv Pankey, a star and future NFL player on that team, decides to break ranks and take a bold step that alters Betsy's life as she takes on a predator, a program, and a justice system. Betsy & Irv is a story of courage, survival, and the power of being believed, and of the enduring difference it makes to speak up, for yourself, and for another.

DIRECTOR Nicole Noren

PRODUCER Rayna Banks, Eric Neel, Laura Purtell

WRITER Tom Junod, Paula Lavigne

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The Hit


Working with the world’s leading accident reconstruction engineers, a team of national-award-winning journalists spent three years reinvestigating a fatal crash where NASCAR racing legend Tony Stewart killed a young competitor. New evidence exposes how money, power, and fame may have corrupted a small-town justice system.

DIRECTOR: Christopher Jon Halsne

PRODUCER Christopher Halsne, Brian Colister, Isaias Medina

WRITER Christopher Halsne